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Although Docusaurus offers its own versioning system the OpenAPI Docs plugin comes equipped with one specifically aimed at versioning API docs. Aside from being relatively "lighter" than the Docusaurus system, it offers a way to automatically generate some useful UI components including:

  • A dropdown version selector for quickly switching API versions.
  • A version badge/breadcrumb for quickly knowing which version you are looking at.

Finally, the OpenAPI Docs versioning implementation allows API docs to be versioned separately from non-API docs which provides greater flexibility.

Versioning CLI

The OpenAPI Docs plugin versioning system is driven by the CLI and is not unlike the experience of generating and cleaning non-versioned API docs.


For details around how to configure versioning see the Plugin Configuration Options and Versioning guides.

Generating and Cleaning

Generating versioned API docs example:

yarn docusaurus gen-api-docs:version petstore:1.0.0

Cleaning versioned API docs example:

yarn docusaurus clean-api-docs:version petstore:1.0.0

Generating all Petstore versioned API docs:

yarn docusaurus gen-api-docs:version petstore:all


The versions.json file contains metadata that could be useful for building UI navigation and breadcrumb components. It is generated and written each time gen-api-docs:version is executed, whether for a specific version id or all versions. It is only automatically deleted when yarn docusaurus clean-api-docs:version <your-api-config-key>:all is executed. When attempting to remove or cleanup versions there are some details to keep in mind:

  • Removing/deleting a version will require multiple steps.
    • Step 1: Run the appropriate clean-api-docs:version command.
    • Step 2: Manually delete the version folder from the docs path.
    • Step 3: Remove the version from the OpenAPI plugin config.
    • Step 4: Run the gen-api-docs:version command to update the versions.json file.

The OpenAPI Docs plugin will not delete a versioned outputDir after executing the clean-api-docs:version command. This is by design, as the plugin tries to avoid removing non-API docs/files.


In the future, we may decide to introduce a separate command for generating/updating the versioning.json file. For now, you can run the gen-api-docs:version command for any version, including all, to trigger the update.

UI Helpers

As mentioned earlier, the OpenAPI plugin comes equipped with utilities for generating navigational UI components to help users switch API versions and quickly determine which version they are looking at.

Both the version selector and version crumb components leverage the Docusaurus html sidebar item type to inject pure HTML sidebar items.


Although convenient, html sidebar items are somewhat limited in terms of rendering content dynamically or accessing state, since javascript is ignored.

Version selector

As the name implies, this utility will generate a pure HTML version selector base on the versions.json file.


const {
} = require("docusaurus-plugin-openapi-docs/lib/sidebars/utils"); // imports utility
const petstoreVersions = require("./docs/petstore/versions.json"); // imports Petstore versions.json

Add to existing sidebar:

type: "html",
defaultStyle: true,
value: versionSelector(petstoreVersions),
className: "version-button",

Version Crumb

As the name implies, this utility will generate a pure HTML crumb to help users identify which version they are currently on.


const {
} = require("docusaurus-plugin-openapi-docs/lib/sidebars/utils");

Add to existing sidebar:

type: "html",
defaultStyle: true,
value: versionCrumb(`v1.0.0`), // The version label you wish to display